Ceramic Hair Straighteners Seen at Local Malls – Why Are They So Expensive?

Have you ever been out shopping at the mall and the girl at the kiosk is chasing you down with a hair straightener? I know it’s happened at least once in your life and if you ever stopped to take a look you would be shocked on how expensive they are. I know I hear a lot of people say they purchased there straightener at the mall when they were out shopping on a Saturday.

Well I don’t know about you but I like to do a little research before I make a big purchase, because I know if you do a little shopping around you can find a better price. I know some people are impulse buyers they just cant help themselves the girl at the kiosk slides that straightener down there hair and there sold whipping out there credit card ready to buy. The kiosk at the mall has such a high overhead that they have to triple the prices of the straighteners and I am sure somebody is making a nice profit at $300 a pop.

Don’t be an impulse buyer do some research there always somebody out there with a lower price. I found the best straightener ever it’s made by ISO sunshine girl and I got it for $58 with free shipping. No it’s not a knock off. They come in a variety of colors. They also have this one that is called wet or dry it is a two inch pink straightener with vents built in so no matter if your hair is wet or dry it will still straighten you health without drying it out. The greatest thing about ISO is they come with a lifetime warranty as long as you remember to mail in your warranty card. If you don’t mail in your warranty card it will expire in six months.

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